3 Reasons You Need An Attorney When Buying A House

If you are currently in the market to buy a house, there are some things to consider first. Not only do you want to contact lenders and get pre-approved for a loan, but you should also think about the legalities of buying the home. One way to help you through the legal process of real estate investment is by getting a real estate attorney. It is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

4 Ways a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Help You When Buying an Office Building

If you are in the market to buy an office building and this is your first time buying a commercial real estate property, you may think that the process is similar to buying a home. However, there are some differences that make a commercial real estate lawyer a necessary partner. Here are a few ways a real estate lawyer can make the buying process better for you. Negotiating Leases If you have no experience dealing with commercial tenants, an experienced lawyer can help you to look over and negotiate contracts with the tenants in the office building.

Take Steps to Prevent the Questioning of "Sound Mind" in Probate Court

Contesting a will is never easy, as there are certain definitive elements the plaintiff must prove to the courts in order to succeed. In cases when the deceased was very old, the will could be challenged based on the notion that the departed was not of his or her “sound mind” when drafting the document. Granted, it takes a lot of evidence to prove that the person was not in the proper mental state.